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Experimenting Research on exploring the Fourth Dimension

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Market Research - Samudhrakshak

This research is carried out, to understand and analyse the prominent reason of trespassing the sea boundaries by the fishermen; to study and analyse the reason for poor penetration of the personal marine navigational system among the Indian Fishermen; to study, understand and analyse the need to use personal navigation system for Indian Fishermen; to understand the willingness to buy a low cost marine navigational system.

Maritime Border Indicator

Since Indian independence, the lack of a simple and affordable Indian International Maritime Boundary Line (IMBL) identification system led to the issue of sea boundary trespassing by fishermen that has been prevalent among neighbouring countries and states. The problem of Indian fishermen crossing the boundary line occurs predominantly due to two reasons. First, the fishermen cross the maritime border due to the ignorance of the exact border line. Second, they do so allured by the prospect of a bigger catch. This project provides a scientific solution to this problem. The device Maritime Border Indicator (MBI) is capable of indicating the International Maritime Boundary line to the fishermen in the sea and gives an indication to the fishermen about their stage of operation. The product is currently a prototype which is functional. The device inhibit the fishermen from straying into the neighbouring country waters.

Social Mission

Indian Fisheries are the silent stabilizers of the Indian Economy. Having a $ 1 Billion turnover in a year in the industry, as citizens of India it is our conscious thought to empower our fishermen folks via world’s cutting edge technology. Well, not only providing with unique navigation solution but also to protect and safeguard and to have a hale sail at sea. Concluding, we are convinced that a billion dollar industry will turn out to be a trillion dollar industry in coming years.

Research on Bioluminescence in the field of Biotechnology

Research on creating a sustainable world, via energy conservation.

A research on gene transfer method, where a luciferin DNA is extracted and added by gene sequencing method, introduced to a foreign DNA in a plant that is receptive to foreign gene and make plants to sustain luminous energy in the process of producing CO2 chemical reaction.